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Korean Drama Review: Hotel King (호텔킹)

To be honest, I didn’t plan on watching this one but decided to give it a try anyway. My opinion about this one is mixed, so it’s best if you don’t read it if you enjoyed watching it. 


To actually dumb it down, the whole thing can be described as “who’s my daddy?”, “why did you kill my daddy?!?!”, “what are you talking about? why would I kill my own daddy, stupid step-sister…”, “NO! you can’t be! You’re not my daddy!”, “wait… I think I love her”, “NO! you’re not my mommy!”, “NO! you’re not my son!”, “I love you!”, “I love you too!”.

…Yea I didn’t really enjoy it…

But anyways! I’ll do an actual review now, lol. 

The drama starts off in a 7-star hotel called Ciel. Cha Jae Wan (Lee Dong Wook) is the GM (general manager) of the hotel who follows the orders of his mentor Lee Joong Goo (Lee Deok Hwa), who is also the vice president. Convinced by Lee Joong Goo that the chairman Ah Sung Won (Choi Sang Hoon) is his father. Cha Jae Wan was saved by Lee Joong Goo in America when he was a child working for a band of gangsters that use kids to panhandle for them and if they didn’t meet their quota, they would get beaten or worse. In debt with his life, he follows Lee Joong Goo’s every order, and in return, Lee Joong Goo promises him a high position if he can oust and seek revenge on Ah Sung Won. 

Everything turns around though as one day during an event, Ah Sung Won falls from his office window into the water park area, dying. To make matters worse, Ah Mo Ne (Lee Da hae), daughter of Ah Sung Won, appears and is convinced that Cha Jae Won and Lee Joong Goo plotted together to kill her dad. She becomes the new Chairwoman, despite people hating her for her childish and unprofessional behaviour. Cha Jae Won hates her because he still sees her as a step sister that he has to oust as well to seek revenge on his “father” for neglecting him and making him grow up alone with gangsters. So the battle between the two ensues.

But as they fight and fight, they find themselves falling in love with each other. And after seeing that Cha Jae Won actually gets beaten by Lee Joong Goo and Cha Jae Won trying to protect Ah Mo Ne whenever possible, she is convinced that Lee Joong Goo is the real culprit so they become close with each other. They secretly date, until one day Cha Jae Won finds out that Lee Joong Goo is actually his biological father, shocking him. He then distances himself from Ah Mo Ne again because he feels that he cannot be in a relationship with her when her enemy is his father. She soon finds out though, but she convinces him that their love is more powerful than parental relationships. 

They seem to be on the right track by seeking revenge on Lee Joong Goo together, until a new enemy appears. It seems that Baek Mi Nyeo (Kim Hae Sook) the training manager of Ciel personnel is seeking the chairwoman seat as well. She is backed up with her step son Roman Lee (Jin Tae Hyun). She succeeds and ousts Ah Mo Ne and tries to destroy Ciel for her own gains. Cha Jae Won tries his best to protect Ah Me Ne from the oppositions, while going against Baek Mi Nyeo. 

If Cha Jae Won’s life wasn’t messed up enough, he soon finds out that Roman Lee is actually his “brother” from the days in America. He called him his little brother because they were both Korean kids and they felt safe when they were together so they vowed to be brothers. He tries to persuade Roman to go against Baek Mi Nyeo but he insists that she’s a great mother figure to him and vows to take down Cha Jae Won and Ah Mo Ne if they harm her. 

Enough messed up? NOPE! Cha Jae Won again finds out that Baek Mi Nyeo is actually his biological mother!!!! So this whole time he was plotting to take down his own mother. It is revealed that Baek Mi Yeon (her real name), Lee Joong Goo, and Ah Sung Won were good friends when they were young. Lee Joong Goo loved Baek Mi Nyeo, but she hated him and loved Ah Sung Won instead. But Ah Sung Won paid no attention to her. Lee Joong Goo then somehow impregnates Baek Mi Yeon (they don’t tell us how but I’m guessing rape) with baby Hyun Woo (Cha Jae Won’s real name). Lee Joong Goo and Ah Sung Won were close buddies and he promised Lee Joong Goo that he will give him a lot of power, but the opposite happened and he took all the glory leaving Lee Joong Goo with little power in the hotel. So Lee Joong Goo plots to destroy Ah Sun Won, while Baek Mi Yeon tries to destroy Lee Joong Goo for destroying her life in an accident when they were young, and stealing Hyun Woo from her. 

The rest of the drama is about the relationship between Cha Jae Won and Ah Mo Ne and if they can continue to stay together when Ah Mo Ne basically hates his parents. Cha Jae Won continues to protect Ah Mo Ne, Roman Lee, and Baek Mi Yeon from Lee Joong Goo, while trying to convince Baek Mi Yeon that he’s her son. Can they even take a break?

I wanted to stop watching this drama part way because it was just so slow. It was also pretty obvious at times. I found myself watching some of the early episodes and it just ends and I’m like, “no sh*t, saw that one coming”. But the drama does pick up 3/4 of the way though and things start to be interesting. Watching Lee Joong Goo fall was very satisfying, but again it was kind of predictable. 

Of course the drama is more than what I laid out since the cast is pretty extensive. I only described the basics of the drama. There are humorous parts with the hotel personnel and their own problems while gossiping about the main cast. There’s also Song Chae Kyung (Wang Ji Hye), Cha Jae Won’s ex gf who appears as the owner of a new restaurant of Ciel. Is she a friend or foe is up to you to decide. 

I’m not saying that I disliked the drama because of its cast, but rather I feel that it didn’t have to be 32 episodes long. I feel like they made the first few episodes too long without too much progression. The cast actually consists of great actors/actresses. Kpop stars make their appearances too like Im Seulong of 2AM, Alex Chu of Clazziquai, Kim Ye Won of Jewelry, Cha Hak Yeon/N of Vixx, and Lee Joo Yeon of After School.

Overall I didn’t really enjoy this one, even though the ending was pretty good as things picked up. It’s just too slow for my taste. The story was good though, but they made the mistake of prolonging it to a 32 episode long drama instead of say 25.

I probably wouldn’t recommend this drama…

2.8/5 - good cast, good acting, good story, good ending, slow start makes viewers want to stop watching because of boring parts, predictable at times, 32 episodes is too much.

Currently watching It’s Okay, That’s Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야) and it’s actually pretty good. 


See the full list of America’s top colleges. 

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See the full list of America’s top colleges. 

Kiko cast in the upcoming “Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin (進撃の巨人)” movie

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her role still hasn’t been announced yet. She will star alongside lead, Haruma Miura & her old Shitsuren Chocolatier co-star, Ishihara Satomi. The movie is planned to be released for next summer.

She better get Mikasa or I’m not watching it T_T

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#tempura #food #snack #nightmarket (at Waterfront Night Market)

#takoyaki at #nightmarket #food #snack #japanese #osaka  (at T&T Cherry St. Night Market)

#takoyaki at #nightmarket #food #snack #japanese #osaka (at T&T Cherry St. Night Market)

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Dove commercial featuring G.E.M. and Kim Soo-hyun

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Mmm… #gold too bad I’m buying it for a fellow investor… #preciousmetal #goldcoin #royalcanadianmint #investment #fiveblessings #RCM

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