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Looking back: That crazy bossy little girl


Today I received a call from one of my good friends that he bumped into one of our childhood friends and he had received some shocking news from her. 

Hmmm, I guess you can say that she was one of my first friends in daycare. I remember I was a really shy kid but she was fearless and came up to me and offered to be friends. Ever since that day, she sort of became an older sister figure to me. This is crazy, but she’s actually only ONE day older than me. I remember she used to stand up a lot for me and helped me in a lot of stuff. She even claimed that she was the first one to teach me how to use an eraser.

No, she’s not a love interest of mine, but rather I see her as a good friend of mine who we shared a lot of our childhood together. 

She was “crazy” in that she wasn’t afraid to do anything even if there were consequences. She was seen as bossy by other people because she used to act like a leader who told people what to do and how to do it more efficiently. Quite oddly though, a lot of people followed her. Although there was this one time when her girlfriends decide to divide themselves from her (like most kids do periodically) because they didn’t want to deal with her anymore. I remember it because she came to me crying how she had lost all of her friends. I wasn’t one of the popular kids but rather the one who they would come to for advice and for small talk… although I didn’t know how to give advice and I also wasn’t a big talker haha… but I did take the time to listen. And up to today I greatly believe that people just need someone who they can just talk to and for them to listen. 

I was also always the middle guy who didn’t really follow anyone. I remember my friends had all these different “groups” where some of my friends would be in one group and other in other groups. And sometimes they would disagree with each other. But I tried to persuade my other friends to at least talk to her and not be bullies to her. It did work for a while, but the following year she moved schools and I went my own way, believing that I would never see her again. 

I was wrong, and during the summer of my grade 10 year, I bumped into her at GAP, where she was working. We decided to have dinner and reminisce about the past. I was happy that she did not change a bit and was still very talkative, while I just sat and listened to her. It was good to have had the chance to meet her, but we both knew that we have our own lives to live and went our own way. 

The news I received today was that she decided to move away to another country… for good. At first while talking to my friend, I didn’t think much about it, even though he knows that we have history since he is also one of my first few friends. But after I hung up the phone, for some reason I started to feel sad that she’s moving away forever and she didn’t even tell me, at least a Facebook message. Inside, I knew that she has no obligations to tell me anything, but I just couldn’t help it. 

All I can do is wish her the best…

that crazy bossy little girl.


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#mocha #coconut #frap #starbucks #drink #mochacoconutfrap #whippedcream #frappuccino (at Starbucks Canada)


From last night’s #Conan monologue.  (at CONAN)

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From last night’s #Conan monologue. (at CONAN)

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When that day comes,
You will know that I have been defeated by life


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Snow White, and the 7 dwarfs that didn’t want to save her 

Demon Hunter Animated by ArisT0te

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Demon Hunter Animated by ArisT0te